Business Robot

Intelligent services are around you

Jelly, an industry-oriented business robot with remarkable openness and customizability, is widely used in banks, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, etc.

The China Merchants Bank customization project has successfully been completed. It would provide customized services in greeting clients and presenting business and other scenarios.

Equipped with a complete ROS.AI intelligent robot system, Jelly currently provides many services such as taxi calling, simultaneous interpretation, plane ticket booking, Youku VOD (video-on-demand), photo taking, music-on-demand, weather and time query, etc.

Rich and smooth interaction

Bionic facial expression: With active expressions of joy, confusion, comfort, apology, among others, Jelly provides anthropomorphic interaction experiences, eliminating the strangeness of man-machine communication.

Scene UI: Jelly can design different UI interactive interface based on different scenes, providing diversified interactive input modes.

Intelligent voice dialogue

Supporting Chinese & English speech recognition with high accuracy in open space and complex noisy environments, Jelly enables you to communicate smoothly with it in natural speech.

Moreover, Jelly supports Chinese and English TTS output, provides sound options including Chinese/English male/female voice, and has the capacity to customize a huge amount of Q&As that fit your actual needs.

Smart music service

Equipped with a groundbreaking R-MUSIC music service system, it supports eight-dimension song-picking, music knowledge quiz and relationship reasoning.

IoT smart home appliances control

Jelly can connect with all kinds of smart equipment system quickly and easily. Through voice commands it can open air conditioning, control the TV, and more. In a word, you can build your own smart management center in no time.

Life assistant

It supports weather, air quality, time and date inquiries. Ask Jelly a question, and you can always get the latest information.

Photo-taking assistant

Jelly supports face recognition, fast track snapshot, beauty optimization and other camera modes. With a simple voice command, it can quickly share your photos on your social networks.

“A selfie that frees your hands”. Jelly can serve as a dedicated private camera assistant for users.

Simultaneous interpretation

At any time Jelly can switch to the simultaneous interpretation mode, in which it will understand and translate quickly and accurately.

你好,王丽,很高兴认识你。我是Bill Smith。Hello Wang Li,nice to meet you.I’m Bill Smith.

Hello.I'm Wang Li.你好,我是王丽

Third-party scene services

Openness and customizability